[SexyLook] SexyLook Pure White Radiance Duo Lifting Mask
White Peony + Collagen
List Price: Rp195.000
Price: Rp162.000

Combining precious gems and the essence of complex botanical ingredients and platinum for a luxury skin indulgence.

White peony extract and white lily extract fight against fine lines and improve uneven skin tone. The result is increased skin elasticity, softer, smoother and more delicate skin.


Damascus rose water can effectively promote cell rejuvenation and smoothen skin! Ionized white crystal stimulates blood circulation of the skin; licorice essence and Centella asiatica essence improve the skin’s antioxidant ability. The essences improve the skin that is lacked of elasticity, lustre, and dryness. After using, skin glows with a natural radiance.


How to use:

Step 1: Fit the mask onto your face

Step 2: Pull the hook at the two sides to your ear

Step 3: Pull the hook at the chin up to your ear

Step 4: You can massage your face while waiting for your mask for 15-20 minute to maximize absorption