[SexyLook] SexyLook Super Hydrating Duo Lifting Mask
Rose + Collagen
List Price: Rp195.000
Price: Rp162.000

Infusing precious rose extract and collagen with multi-whitening essence and skin protecting essence.

This mask brightens skin, and also reduces melanin that darkens skin. The effective benefits penetrates deeply into your skin and transform your skin into fair and bright skin, lightens dark spots on your skin.

Transforms uneven dark skin to beautiful even fair skin, bright and moisturized skin. The effect is visible after usage of the mask.


How to use:

Step 1: Fit the mask onto your face
Step 2: Pull the hook at the two sides to your ear
Step 3: Pull the hook at the chin up to your ear
Step 4: You can massage your face while waiting for your mask for 15-20 minute to maximise absorption