[Ludeya] Brightening Moisturizing Mask

Intensive Repairing and Rejuvenating

List Price: Rp389.000
Price: Rp340.000

BIO CELLULOSE MASK Latest Exclusive Technology of Bio Cellulose – Bio Fermentation’s Skingel.

  • Bio Cellulose was used as substitute for burnt akin on medical, it was known as “Artificial Skin”.  Its characteristics of breathable but waterproof.  LUDEYA Bio Cellulose series using the latest exclusive technology of Bio Cellulose – Bio Fermentation’s Skingel, produced by using 21 days & form with very low temperature, the structure is exactly like human skin, can completely bond with skin, effectively penetrate the essence deep into the skin.


  • Intensive Repairing 

  • Special added the most effective & premium skin repairing ingredients: BrauActive MTPS, Algae Extracts, Wisdom Hydrating Factors, micro & big particles of Hyaluronan acids, effectively stimulate cell division and regeneration to enhance the process of skin repairing order to maintain skin’s elasticity and vitality.  Effectively enhance skin collagen, prevent Wrinkles and Anti-dullness.


  • Algae was well known for its amazing effects, with the exclusive latest technology, LUDEYA Bio Cellulose series added with Seanol Alage Polyphenol Extract – derived from elite team that came from Europe, Asia, Africa & America, with thousands of experiments, combined Green Algae, Red Algae, Brown Algae, Blue Algae, Black Algae & Gold Algae etc then derived the most active ingredients & Polysaccha-rides to form SEANOL Algae Polyphenol Extract, the best for skin repairing, brightening and hydrating.